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What is Sustainability?

Sustainable development, sustainable tourism, sustainable clothing, sustainable art… The concept of sustainability has crept into the news, politics and conversations in our daily lives. Its social impact is evident, but its use perhaps still lacks the knowledge and deep understanding of the concepts it frames and the importance of the objectives it pursues.

The important thing is not to use the word, but to fill it with content with our actions, and that is precisely what we do at S4D: talk about sustainability by acting with sustainability.

For this reason and to make visible to you, who are already part of S4D, and to the ever-expanding network of champions of our event, the social and intrinsic values of our solid commitment to Sustainability, we have enabled this Blog to which we give you the Welcome.

And you, do you sign up to be S4D-Sustainable?

S4D - Sostenibilidad