We support 8M: International Women’s Day

Yesterday was March 8, a special day as a society, women and men united to achieve a better and more equal society, free from sexist violence and with equal opportunities and rights, where the wage gap, glass ceilings or discrimination are outdated terms.

International Women’s Day, until years ago called «Working Women’s Day», commemorates every March 8 the fight for real equality between women and men.

Celebrated by the United Nations since 1975 and proclaimed by the Assembly in 1977, International Women’s Day finds its origins in the demonstrations of women who, especially in Europe, demanded at the beginning of the 20th century the right to vote, better conditions of work and equality between the sexes.

However, the first milestone of 8M dates back to 1875, when several hundred women from a textile factory in New York demonstrated to protest wage inequality with respect to their colleagues, being censored with brutal repression and the burning of the plant. , which ended with the death of hundreds of women.

Do you know why purple is the color of 8M? In that textile factory, in the plant that was burned during this protest, fabrics of this color were made, and after the fire a large column of purple smoke was formed. To this day, this color symbolizes March 8 in commemoration of its beginnings.

From S4D, we join the support and empowerment of all women in order to promote a more egalitarian society and the reduction of inequalities that, so many years later, continue to exist.