S4D - Sostenibildad

The beginnings of sustainability:

We already commented on the importance of Sustainability and the intrusion of the term in our environment with increasing frequency and linked to broader areas, but what is sustainability?

To answer this simple question we must go back several centuries, where Thomas Malthus in 1798 announced a global catastrophe if we did not make a radical change in our way of doing things. Malthus analyzed the records of the Church and studied the discrepancies between the number of baptisms and the number of burials, and his conclusion was clear: he argued that the imbalance between population growth and increased food production would lead to serious conflicts and famines. In short, his theory was based on the fact that the world population would increase geometrically while food would increase arithmetically, causing long-term resource scarcity.

Three centuries later, Malthus’ prophecy is fulfilled and we live in an overpopulated world that raises a big question for us: will we be able to act in time to save our planet?

At S4D we are firmly committed to Sustainability, we have the SEDS Certification (Seal of Sustainable Sports Event) from the Spanish Olympic Committee, and we have developed an Action Plan so that our impact in caring for the Environment is our differential value.

Will you join us to take care of the planet with us?

S4D - Sostenibilidad