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Statement of Reasons

S4D is an international socio-sports, cultural and touristic event, promoted by the Defense Industry Cluster (CID) which, in its first edition, will be held in the city and the surroundings of the Bay of Santander during June 7th to June 10th, 2022.

S4D is a unique civic-military march in Spain due to its objectives and characteristics. In keeping with its high level of ambition and as a differential value, S4D is an international benchmark in sports sustainability.

This event will be characterized by obtaining the “Sustainable Sports Event” seal promoted by the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), a new initiative that this institution is promoting with banco Santander, global partner of the COE’s Sustainability Strategy

The values of S4D represent a synthesis of the values of the Olympic movement, those of the Spanish Armed Forces and those of civil society as a whole. The goal of S4D is, precisely, to create a frame of reference, an opportunity for these worlds -the Olympic, the military and the civilian- to meet and coexist intensely through a basic physical activity such as marching; doing so in a unique natural, cultural and scenic environment, such as the one that makes up the city of Santander and its bay.

S4D’s values are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations and with the action plan for the implementation of the 2030 agenda of the Government of Spain.

The purpose of this Regulation is to define the conditions for the development and execution of S4D.

1st Article. Generalities.

The four days of Santander, Santander Four Days (S4D) is an event organized by the Defense Industry Cluster (hereinafter, the Organization).

The trial consists of completing four consecutive days of marching.

In order to facilitate the participation of people of all ages and conditions, three different optional routes have been designed, of 10, 20 or 40 kilometers per day.

All tours are adapted for people with some types of disabilities. In places where transit is not possible or convenient for people with physical or visual disabilities or strollers that carry babies, alternative routes have been set up that adjust to the general distance of each route.

At the time of registration, the distance to be covered will be selected, taking into account that the participant agrees to travel that distance throughout each of the days of the test or, at least, to carry out the four consecutive days of walking.

Participation in S4D is voluntary and under the full responsibility of the participant.

S4D is a non-competitive march sporting event, on a self-sufficient basis. The Organization will have properly signposted aid stations but the food will be borne by the participant.

The mere fact of registering for this test implies acceptance of these regulations.

2nd Article. Registrations.

The Organization reserves the right of admission to the S4D event.

Anyone who so wishes may participate in S4D without distinction of gender or nationality, as long as they are correctly registered, both in time and in the forms established for it.

The minimum age to participate in the 40-kilometer test is 18 years old before the day of the test. There is no age limit to participate in the rest of the tours taking into account that:

  • Those under 18 and over 16 years of age must provide a signed authorization from their parents or legal guardians if they wish to march without the presence of a parent or legal guardian (according to the specific model inhttps://s4d.es/en).
  • Children under 16 years of age (or those over 16 who do not have the previous authorization) must participate accompanied, at all times, by their parents or legal guardians or by an adult authorized by their parents or legal guardians.

Participants with any type of recognized disability must prove their condition through an officially issued document, so that the Organization can validate their registration.

Participants with visual disabilities B1 or B2 who require it, will have the right to be accompanied by a guide whose registration will be 100% free. There can only be one guide for each participant with visual impairment B1 or B2.

Alternatively, the tour can be done with a guide dog.

Registrations open on 01/19/2022 and close on May 15, 2022 (as long as there are numbers available).

The Organization reserves the right to close the registrations when it deems it appropriate for security reasons and for better service to the participant.

The registration period will close when the maximum number of registered participants is reached (4,000 in this edition), although a waiting list will be generated from that moment to cover possible cancellations.

Registrations and cancellations will be completed in accordance with the conditions established by the Organization and will be formalized through the event’s website: https://s4d.es

Participants must register personally. Registration is nominative and non-transferable.

3rd Article. . Registration payment.

Payment can only be made online with a credit card through the secure payment gateway proposed by the Organization on the event website:https://s4d.es

The registration fee for the different routes will be published on the event’s website: https://s4d.es

Only paid registrations will be accepted, that is, there is no possibility of pre-registration and payment when collecting the number.

Registration is considered final at the time of payment, so in the event of not being able to participate, it will not be returned under any circumstances, including injuries or work-related reasons, except for those who have contracted reimbursement insurance. , Which will help you to participate in the march when it is done.

Registrations that do not have the correct identification data will not be considered valid: DNI (passport number for foreigners), name, surname, date of birth, sex, nationality, type of route (adapted or not) and distance you choose (10km, 20km or 40km)

The participant can contract a reimbursement insurance during their registration process that guarantees the return of a percentage of the registration, contracted according to the particular conditions of each case. The return of this insurance is made under the specific conditions of itself.

The website https://s4d.es is the only official and authorized online distributor to register through, so in no case will the registration or the acquisition of numbers through different platforms be legal.

The Organization is not responsible for the reliability, veracity and / or suitability of the registrations that are made outside the channels provided by the organization for this purpose, nor does it assume any obligation regarding the availability of places, stock and / or price .

The recognition of any right related to the registration is not guaranteed if it has not been done through the official website https://s4d.es

The foregoing is established without prejudice to the registrations made through the official tour operators and included in travel packs, which in any case will redirect to the aforementioned website for the purpose of completing the registration directly on the platform with authorized distribution.

Reselling registrations, or any other term used to describe such activity, is prohibited. Any registration obtained through this system will not be valid.

The right of withdrawal is guaranteed for a period of fourteen days from the payment of the registration. In case of withdrawal, the participant must notify the Organization of his desire to withdraw from the trial, using the withdrawal form found on the official website of the trial. (https://s4d.es)

In the case of withdrawal, the participant renounces to carry out the march, leaving his place free and the total amount paid for the registration being returned.

On May 16th, 2022, as a result of different withdrawals or due to vacant places, the available places will be assigned according to the order of the waiting list or the sale of said places through the web until May 31st, 2022. In this case, the withdrawal can take place until May 31st, 2022.

All participants, by registering, declare that they know and accept these Regulations and the Statement of Disclaimer and Data Protection.

4th Article. Numbers.

The collection of numbers-chip will take place at the Palacio de los Deportes de Santander, (calle Alcalde Vega Lamera s / n, 39008 Santander, Cantabria) or at the points that the organization has for this purpose, on June 6, 2022 , between 10:00 and 20:00.

The number collection point or points will be published in advance on the official website of the organization.https://s4d.es

To collect the number-chip, the marchers must present the receipt or copy of the registration, along with the DNI, passport (or other official document in force that proves identity).

Participants must wear their number, visibly and permanently, from the moment they enter the precinct reserved for the start until they cross the finish line, during the four days of the event.

The numbers have a technical control system incorporated, so they cannot be bent, manipulated or altered in any way, including their advertising.

The time spent on the tour will only be recorded if the number-chip is correctly placed according to the indications that will be published in advance on the organization’s websitehttps://s4d.es

The number and the chip are personal and non-transferable items. The registered person may only participate with the number that has been assigned and agrees not to allow other people to use it.

All registered participants are obliged to fill in the back of their number with the information specified therein.

5th Article. March execution conditions.

Participants and, in the case of minors, parents and / or legally established guardians must be fully aware of the length and difficulty of the daily routes and of the test as a whole. Likewise, they must be aware of the possible conditions of reduced visibility and meteorological conditions (heat, cold, rain, wind). Consequently, they must provide that their clothing, equipment and footwear, as well as their physical and mental conditions are appropriate to carry out the trial as defined.

The uniformed personnel (of any body) will carry out the test with the regulatory campaign / instruction clothing of their unit, army, corps and country of origin, carrying the same regulatory backpack with 10 kilograms of revised weight, with exemption for those over 55 years of age.

The uniformed personnel will maintain the rules of uniformity during the development of the test.

The participants take the S4D values as their own and commit to respect and practice them during the event. The values of S4D are:

  • SPIRIT OF SERVITUDE: The Defense Industry Cluster offers S4D as a sign of its commitment to a more sustainable world and a better society.
  • RESPECT: S4D promotes the harmonious relationship between the walkers and the urban, rural and natural ecosystems in which the event takes place.
  • FRIENDSHIP: Promoting relationships between participants, promoting a climate of mutual understanding, cooperation and acceptance of the differences between people and nations.
  • SPIRIT OF SACRIFICE: Giving the best of oneself, being in condition of overcoming with exemplariness, effort and camaraderie, any difficulties that may arise during the march.

Participants must adhere to the designated route, being able to stop at any time, at their discretion, and visit the places identified in the tours.

Participants must walk the sections indicated by the Organization by marching, which means moving or moving in such a way that at least one foot is always in contact with the ground. Shortcuts, running during any part of the route or the use of means of transport are not allowed.

Disabled participants may use a wheelchair, handbike or similar on the adapted routes provided by the Organization. They may also use crutches or canes and prosthetics to assist, replace, or support the walking process. Overtaking is allowed if it does not hinder the progress of other participants.

No participant will exceed, at any time, the opening vehicle of the march. In the case of doing so, he will be automatically disqualified and will do so under his own responsibility, being excluded from the coverage of the insurance policies that cover the trial.

The place of departure, for all types of march, will be the Santander Sports Palace, which will also be the place of arrival, except for the 40-kilometer marches on the third and fourth days.

The start times for the different distances are as follows:

  • 40 kilometer route: 06.00
  • 20 kilometer route: 06.00
  • 10 kilometer route: 08.00

Disabled participants who use a wheelchair, handbike or similar, will lead their corresponding group.

The Organization reserves the right to make more starts, due to safety concerns, organization and / or logistics, among others. In this case, those affected will be notified through the official website, with enough time for a correct organization and preparation of the test.

The decision to carry out the starts as indicated does not affect in any case the complete and correct timing of the participants, whatever the order in which they start.

Participants will have a maximum time to carry out the routes that will start counting from the moment they cross the starting line. Depending on the distances, the maximum times are as follows:

  • 40 kilometer route: 12 hours
  • 20 kilometer route: 8 hours
  • 10 kilometer route: 4 hours

The participant who exceeds these maximum times must abandon the trial, or will be excluded from it, becoming a normal user of public roads if he decides to continue the route under his responsibility.

The time control will be done electronically through the use of a chip. The time control system has proven its total reliability so, automatically, any participant who has not passed through all the points established in the routes will be considered disqualified: departure at the scheduled time, arrival and others intermediate checkpoints located along the route.

Any participant who, for any reason, cannot complete the full one-day tour can continue the next day (s) with the lower level tour, in that case, they will be eligible for the award for the highest level tour they have achieved. to complete. For example: on the 1st day a participant who signed up for the 40 km route, abandons the route at km 30; The following days he completes the 20 km runs; he will obtain the commemorative medal corresponding to the 20 km route.

It is the participant’s responsibility to locate the event markings and follow them.

6th Article. Provisioning

Throughout the routes there are several drinks and food refreshment points.

The position of the refreshment points is indicated on the route meter on the official website https://s4d.es

7th Article. Protection of the environment and ecosystems

The Organization of the S4D event is fully committed to sports’ sustainability, the protection and defense of the environment and the natural and urban ecosystems of the routes.

The routes pass, for the most part, through places of exceptional natural beauty that, in some cases, enjoy special protection. Therefore, it is the obligation of both, Organization and participants, to preserve the environment by avoiding throwing any type of residue, dispersing any type of liquid or damaging the land and ecosystem.

The waste will be deposited only in the containers enabled for this purpose and making proper use of them.

Failure to comply with the precepts indicated in this article will be subject to immediate disqualification.

8th Article. Prohibitions.

During the march, the participants will behave according to the values of the S4D event: spirit of service, respect, friendship and spirit of sacrifice.

Consequently, participants are prohibited to:

  • Express political opinions of any kind, both verbally and visually;
  • Behaving or dressing in an offensive or dangerous manner;
  • Dress inappropriately and / or with a bare torso;
  • Carry and / or distribute advertising not authorized by the S4D Organization;
  • Use loudspeakers that may cause annoyance to other participants;
  • Be accompanied by pets or other animals (with the exception of guide dogs for participants with visual impairments), strollers or strollers and / or other objects with wheels (with the exception of disabled participants and strollers carrying babies)

9th Article. Distances and Awards.

The distances and prizes are listed in the Appendant I.

10th Article. Rules.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the Reglamento de la Federación Española de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada it will remain in effect during the S4D March.

11th Article. Insurance.

Participation in the trial is the responsibility of the participants themselves, who voluntarily assume the risks inherent to it.

The participant at the time of registration declares to be physically and psychologically fit for the test.

To participate it is mandatory either to be federated in one of the Spanish Mountain and Climbing Sports Federations (national or regional) or to subscribe to the day license that includes the insurance provided by the Organization.

All S4D participants are covered by civil liability and accident insurance, in accordance with the current legislation.

12th Article. Medical Services.

The Organization recommends that all participants undergo a medical examination prior to the test and that they select responsibly the distance in which they will participate in S4D.

The Organization has, during the course of the test and permanently, a selection of doctors and health personnel, ambulances and mobile BLS, several fixed aid points, a medical post on arrival, broom-wagons in each of the tours of the day.

During the development of the marches and along the routes, the Organization has means of treatment and sanitary evacuation whose location is reflected in the day’s route meter and the official websitehttps://s4d.es

In the rest areas established by the Organization, basic health care will be available.

There will also be the possibility of accessing the health posts / health centers and hospitals of the municipalities of passage and their means of civil protection.

The medical service of the event is empowered to withdraw from the event any participant who shows a poor physical condition.

13th Article. Wardrobe.

Participants will be able to make use of a free wardrobe service next to the departure and arrival area where they can leave their belongings in a single closed bag, the Organization is not responsible for the objects delivered.

The service will be enabled from one (1) hour before departure to one (1) hour after the authorized limit for the day’s tour.

The Organization will safeguard the delivered bags and return them to their owner, after confirming their identity.

The bags that have not been claimed in the time provided for each day, will be delivered to the security forces.

The Organization’s security personnel may request the opening of the bag to check its contents. Refusal to oblige will lead to forfeiting custody of the bag.

14th Article. Restrooms.

The Organization will have portable toilets in the areas of departure and arrival of the routes, as well as in some rest areas established for each day.

The location of the toilets can be consulted in the trial’s route meter and on the official website https://s4d.es

15th Article. Broom wagon.

The Organization will have a broom wagon to be used by participants who do not wish to continue the test or who are forced to abandon.

This service will cover all the routes and will lead those who make use of it to the starting area.

The vehicles will proceed to the departure area as soon as their transport capacity is completed.

16th Article. Official Webpage.

Through the official website, participants will be able to keep up to date on everything surrounding the event: latest news, route, regulations, etc.

17th Article. Official Diploma.

The official diploma, which shows the route taken, the distance traveled, and the official time, will be available for download through the official website.

18th Article. Penalties and disqualification.

Conditions for Disqualification are listed in the Appendant II.

The members of the Organization will take note of those participants who carry out any of the behaviors indicated in the Appendant II.

The Organization acquires the commitment in front of the rest of participants and in front of the authorities to sanction them effectively.

Without prejudice to the corresponding legal responsibility, the penalty will consist of:

  1. Disqualification and expulsion from the event.
  2. Prohibition to participate in future editions.

Failure to comply with the established directives may lead to the provisional or definitive disqualification of the participant.

All those participants who are affected by a disqualification decision must deliver the number and the chip to the personnel of the security forces, public order or the Organization that so indicate and abandon the test according to the instructions they receive.

19th Article. Fitness Disclaimer.

The participant must be aware of the need to have an adequate physical shape to be able to face the S4D challenge, so he must read and accept the Disclaimer of Responsibility in advance, in order to prove that he is aware of the difficulty of the test and that you are in good shape to undergo it.

The conditions of the Disclaimer are listed in the Appendant III.

20th Article. Data management.

With their registration, the participant consents, without the right to any compensation, the use of their image by the Organization, by themselves or through third parties to which they are entrusted by virtue of a treatment contract, they process it electronically and with exclusively sports, promotional or commercial purpose, in the interest of the S4D event, your personal data, as well as your image within the event on any type of support (radio, press, video, photo, DVD, internet, posters, media communication, etc.)

In the case of health data or other special categories of data referring to the participant himself, he must state his express consent for the processing of such data and that they may be taken into consideration.

The conditions for express consent and data processing are listed in the Appendant IV.

21st Article. Safety.

The Organization reserves the right to alter the route, the schedules and / or departure and / or arrival points, or cancel the event, totally or partially, when due to security, climatic, sanitary conditions or any other circumstance. force majeure prevents celebration.

If the cause of unavoidable complications to suspend the trial on the dates initially foreseen (from June 7th to June 10th, 2022), before May 31st, 2022 the Organization will proceed to call new dates and the participants will be given the option to receive the refund of the registration fee (minus the expenses that the Organization may have incurred up to now, which would be duly itemized and provided to each participant) or to transfer their registration to the new dates scheduled for the event.

Participants in wheelchairs must wear a helmet approved for sports practice.

All registered participants are obliged to fill in the form and the back of the number with the information of their name, surname, telephone number in case of an emergency, if they have a medical problems (allergies, special needs, etc.) or are under any specific treatment, as well as your blood group.

Participants are required to carry, during the marches, the valid official documentation that proves their identity. Failure to comply with this provision is grounds for disqualification.

22nd Article. Security regulations and cancellation policy associated with a health emergency situation.

If the health emergency situation so requires, the Organization will adopt the measures deemed appropriate, always under the protection of the competent authorities, to guarantee the maximum possible safety of both the participants and their companions, the public, sponsors and that of all the personnel that make up the Organization of the event (area managers, volunteers, suppliers, controllers, etc.)

Among the measures to be taken could be the reduction of the number of participants, up to a number that is considered safe to carry out the test. In this case, the right of participation would be associated with the order of registration, with preference given to institutional participants and the first registered participants.

If this health situation forces them to have to postpone or suspend the test or to reduce the number of participants, the affected participants would have the option of having the full amount of the registration returned (minus the expenses the Organization may have incurred so far, which would be duly broken down and provided to each participant) or to postpone their registration to the new date on which the test is carried out.

23th Article. Responsibilities.

Without prejudice to its legal responsibility, the Organization is not responsible for any accident and / or illness suffered by the participants, nor the loss or theft of personal belongings or breakages / breakdowns that the participants’ equipment could suffer that have not been caused. due to an error or fault attributable to the Organization.

The Organization declines all responsibility for physical or moral damages that a participant may cause to himself or to third parties while participating in the event. At all times, the hardness of the test is stated, which requires that the participant be in good physical shape to travel the chosen distances, recommending that before starting the test they undergo a physical examination, in order to ensure qualification to carry out the trial.

The participant exempts the Organization from responsibility for loss or deterioration of personal belongings due to any circumstance.

In case of suspension of the event, the Organization will act as indicated in the previous articles, not being responsible for hotel, travel or any other type of expenses that the participant may have incurred to attend and participate. in the test.

Likewise, the Organization is not responsible for the decisions made by the participants in a personal capacity as a result of its suspension.

24th Article. Reclamations and conflict resolution

Reclamations must be submitted to the S4D Organization in written, stating, as a minimum, the following information:

  • Reclaimant data: name of the person who performs it, ID (or passport).
  • Participant data and number.
  • Alleged facts.

Claims regarding the development of the test may be submitted from 6:00 p.m. on June 7th to 6:00 p.m. on June 10th. In case of not being able to present the claim within said period, it can be done by email to the address incidencias@s4d.es, until midnight on June 17th.

The Organization will be in charge of resolving the claims and will proceed to resolve them in the shortest possible time and, in any case, within a period of one month from the date the claim is filed.

If the claimant does not agree with the resolution of the claim, they may submit their claim to the Junta Arbitral de Consumo de Cantabria.

25th Article. Final Dispositions

Any circumstance not foreseen by these regulations will be resolved by the S4D Organization.

The Organization will ensure that these regulations are published on the official S4D website.

If the text of the regulation admits different interpretations, it will be according to what the Spanish version establishes, which is binding.

By registering to participate in the S4D event, the participant declares that they know and accept the conditions established in these regulations and waive all rights against the Organization, as well as any legal action that may arise from their participation in the test.

Appendant I

Distances and Prizes


The optional routes will be 10, 20 and 40 kilometers daily


As it is not a proper sports competition in the competitive aspect, there are no winners or specific prizes for those who finish the routes in the first positions or in record time.

All participants who complete the four days of the tour will receive a certificate that can be downloaded, free of charge, on the official S4D website and App.

In addition, and depending on the distance covered, they will receive an official commemorative medal of the following type:

  • Distance of 10 kilometers per day (40 km in total): bronze color.
  • Distance of 20 kilometers per (80 km en total): silver color.
  • Distance of 40 kilometers per day (160 km in total): gold color.

Participants who have covered the distance of 10 and 20 kilometers per day will receive their corresponding official commemorative medals at the finish line on the last day.

The final civic-military ceremony will take place in the stands of Parque de Las Llamas with the presence of civil and military authorities. The ceremony will include the awarding of prizes to those who have successfully completed the most demanding route of 40 kilometers per day (160 km in total)

Appendant II

Conditions for Disqualification

Participants will be penalized with disqualification/expulsion/inhabilitation and prohibition to sign up in further editions of the march in case of and those who:

  • Provide false personal data in the registration (name, surnames, age…).
  • Do not carry, during the marches, the valid official documentation that proves your identity.
  • March with the number and/or chip assigned to another participant.
  • Do not wear their number visible on the chest or alter or hide its advertising.
  • Do not respect the traffic and road safety code.
  • Do not comply with the security instructions indicated by law enforcement and/or personnel of the Organization itself.
  • Do not go through the departure control, the arrival control and the controls located randomly along the routes or do not complete the entire route.
  • Run or take shortcuts on the course.
  • Overtake the march opening vehicle.
  • Do not respect the environment and/or the ecosystems through which the trial runs.
  • Fail to comply with the regulations on waste management established by the Organization or local authorities.
  • Are accompanied during the tours by their own support vehicles not authorized by the Organization (according to the specific model in https://s4d.es).
  • Use any means of transport to cover part of the route (except disabled people authorized by the Organization)
  • Behave aggressively or disrespectfully towards other participants or the public, put their own physical safety or that of others at risk or, in any way, prevent the normal development of the march or act against these regulations.
  • In the case of military participants who must carry a minimum weight in their backpack, not carry said weight or refuse to allow the Organization to check it.

Appendant III

Disclaimer of Responsibilities.

With their registration, the participants in the S4D event subscribe to the following declaration:

“I participate in the test completely voluntarily and I consciously assume its hardness, taking into account its distance and technical difficulty, for which I declare that I have sufficient technical knowledge, experience and state of physical and psychological condition to face the characteristics of the proof.

I declare that I am in optimal health to participate in the 1st Edition of “Los cuatro dias de Santander / Santander four days (S4D)”, having the total certainty of being physically and psychologically fit for it and having passed positive the pertinent medical controls, ruling out any disease, pathology, injury, or any other health problem that discourages my participation. In the event that at the time of holding the test there had been any change in my state of health, I agree not to participate in it.

I am aware that the test sometimes takes place through places and natural paths (which may include rocks), so, if I do not have any disability that prevents me from circulating in said places, I am sufficiently capable of walking through them without involving a problem or risk to my physical integrity.

During the development of the test I will contribute as much as possible to the Organization, to avoid personal accidents and I will maintain appropriate behavior, not endangering my health, or that of other people. I agree to comply with the regulations set forth in the

REGULATION OF THE I EDITION OF: “LOS CUATRO DÍAS DE SANTANDER / SANTANDER FOUR DAYS (S4D)”, the security protocols and the indications established by the Organization.

Taking into account all of the above, I exempt the Organization, sponsors and/or other participating institutions from any liability for any accident or injury that may occur before, during and/or after the sporting event due to my negligence if I have not followed the safety measures. security imposed by the Organization, renouncing any legal action against any of said entities.

I also authorize the Organization to make advertising use of photos, videos and any other type of audiovisual material in which it may appear, accepting the publication of my name in the race classification, in the media and/or the Internet, without expect payment or compensation for this concept”.

Appendant IV

Express consent. Data treatment

In order to comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data, the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the protection of personal data and guarantees digital rights and following the Recommendations and Instructions issued by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) is INFORMED:

  • That the personal data requested and provided by you will be incorporated into a file whose sole responsibility will be the Defense Industry Cluster.
  • That only those data strictly necessary to avoid, minimize and, where appropriate, manage possible incidents (suspected cases and their contacts) derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, or any other health emergency legally declared by the government authorities, will be requested. in the field of the development of leisure and free time activities, it may be necessary to collect contact data from third parties, such as legal representatives, guardians, or persons in charge designated by them.
  • That all the data collected has a commitment to confidentiality, with the legally established security measures, and under no circumstances will it be transferred or processed by third parties, physical or legal, without the prior consent of the transferor, guardian or legal representative, except in those cases in which it is essential for the correct management of the COVID-19 pandemic, or any other health emergency legally declared by the government authorities, in the field of the development of leisure and free time activities.
  • The data will be archived and kept for a minimum period of one year, after which it will continue to be archived or, failing that, will be returned in full to the transferor or legally authorized person.

I have also been informed of the possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, indicating it in writing to the Defense Industry Cluster, with registered office in Santander, Plaza Pedro Velarde, 5 CP 39001.

Data summary:

Organizer Data Defense Industry Cluster

Plaza de Velarde, 5

39001 Santander secretario@clusterdefensa.es

Main Collaborator Data Asesoramiento y Comunicación 4.0 SL.

Carrer de Sorní, 7, 4º, pta 8

46004 Valencia admin@ac4.tech

Purpose of collecting personal data Management of registrations, results, organization of the test, management of the Box.

Management of the sponsors of the test, as well as the information they want to transmit to the participants

Test insurance, day licenses,…

Diffusion of the trial both before and after.

Legitimation Execution of the participant contract
Recipients The data is transferred for the execution of the participant contract to the Federación Española de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada; to the insurance company; Bank entities.

Participants may receive information from the Sponsors through the Organizer.

Rights of the participants Contacting us (postal letter, email, etc.) and proving their identity (DNI), anyone has the right to:

  • Know if we treat your personal data
  • Access/rectify/cancel/delete/oppose the processing of your data.
  • Portability
  • Claim the execution of the it to the Agency
  • Spanish Data Protection
Notifications The Organization will use the following notification methods, all of them equally valid: email or mobile phone, and any other mobile or web applications (such as WhatsApp, Line, Telegram)
Sponsors The sponsors/collaborators of the trial may send you commercial communications through the Organization to the email you provide us, at any time you can check on the website
Who are the sponsors/collaborators? The Organization, unless expressly authorized by you, will refrain from communicating your contact details to the sponsors/collaborators.

Name and surname of the data transferor:


In the event that the participant is a minor, the father/mother/guardian or legal representative:


En ______________a _____de __________ de 2022 FIRMA:

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