Do you know plogging? JOIN S4D!

Plogging is a new sustainable initiative born in Sweden that combines the practice of sport with care for the environment by collecting garbage. The concept itself refers to the combination of outdoor exercise with waste collection.

The activity of plogging arises in its beginning as a concept generally associated with the practice of running, but it soon begins to gain popularity and extends to hiking, running, trail running, snorkeling, cycling, diving… The number of followers of plogging is increasing. this practice and with it, awareness of caring for the Environment is growing, and at S4D we join this conviction of aligning our values ​​with Sustainability, awareness and visibility of the individual impact of each one of us on global problems such as pollution, loss of biodiversity or water stress, real problems that endanger our planet.

Today, it is a global phenomenon that involves more than 20,000 people a day in more than a hundred countries, do you dare to practice it? In S4D we will give you the necessary bases to join our team of ploggers, it will be a voluntary activity through which we try to promote awareness with the care of the Environment and join the social and environmental activism that our planet needs, ¡ we count on you!

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