Coaching and other disciplines

For personal development there are different methodologies whose work strategies are similar to coaching and this may be the reason why we tend to confuse them.
In this publication we are going to compare coaching with other disciplines to appreciate fundamental differences that help us to distinguish what is coaching and what is not.
It is not about comparing and deciding which is better than another, each discipline has a different focus and a different purpose.

We see it below…….

Mentoring: A method to develop others and whose objective is that the mentor advises, guides, orients the pupil (who receives the tutoring).
Coaching: The coach will never act as a guide and works so that the person achieves their results by themselves.

Consulting: Consulting is the help provided by an expert to solve a business problem, based on her experience, ability and skill.
Coaching: The coach will never tell the (coachee) or client what he should do or what decisions to make.

Psychology: Psychology is the science that studies human behavior.
It is a discipline that aims to analyze the mental processes, the behavior of human beings and their interactions with the physical and social environment, it deals mainly with diseases, disorders and mental problems, it is oriented towards finding the problem.
Coaching: In a coaching process there is no diagnosis or treatment, it is considered that the client is complete and full of resources to find solutions, in coaching the process is oriented to the present and to the future, always focused on the solution.

Training: Consists of the transmission of knowledge “teaching” from a teacher to a student / s on a given subject, in this case the teacher does have knowledge that the student / s does not know or believes that she does not know.
Coaching: In a coaching process, the client learns, but he learns by himself, learning is something that is present throughout the coaching process but without training, there is no intention of the coach to teach or transmit knowledge

Counselling: It is a process of accompaniment that is offered as a set of well-being techniques between the counselor and the client, the objective is to help the individual with respect to a problem that they are going through, whether in the workplace, family or love, among others, in counseling It starts from the idea that feelings are an important cause of problems and therefore priority is given to the emotional.
Coaching: In a coaching process, we work so that feelings are present but we do not work only with them.

Tutoring: Process guided by a tutor through guidelines or guidance to his client regarding the learning process.
Coaching: The coach is someone who facilitates learning.

Consulting: The consultant is an expert who lends her knowledge so that people improve their functions, especially in the business world.
Coaching: In a coaching process, it is the client who finds the solution and finds the way to improve.

The important thing is that if at any time you have to say for any of them, the first thing is to identify what your needs are, where they are oriented
And choose the one that best suits you.