The ARES Association of Spanish Reservists is the largest association of Voluntary Reservists in Spain, and has in its ranks more than 600 members who hold the status of RV. It collaborates institutionally with the different organizations of the Ministry of Defense in the development of the figure of the RV, acts representing the interests of the RV in the Courts and the Ministry of Defense and participates in international forums or organizations with responsibility in matters of reservism. ARES finances 100% of its activities with the fees of its associates and the selfless donations of its supporters.

All volunteer reservists, honorary reservists from RV and special availability reservists have a place in ARES from the Land, Navy and Air Forces as well as of the Common Corps and of all categories without distinction of employment. As well their family, friends or simply sympathizers can join, forming part of our organization as partnersattached.

The Statutes contain our ideology and highlight that the purpose of the association is to effectively connect the military community withthe rest of society, emphasizing our condition as civilians who offer part of their time to the Defense of Spain together with therest of the Armed Forces. As such, ARES will make a special effort to disseminate information and documentation among itsmembers to facilitate the training and military improvement of reservists, to collaborate with military organizations inencouraging the participation of reservists in activities of a military nature and especially with all those activitiesrelated to the supplementary contribution of human resources on a voluntary basis as well as organizing conferences and courseson military history.